D1WA Round 3 Results

24 drivers lined up for Round 3 of the 2019 D1WA Championship at Barbagallo Raceway on Saturday 28th September 2019. The drivers competed in a qualifying round for their initial place, followed by 3 rounds of knockout bouts to finalise the top 4.

The layout was another one of Drift School WA Ken Leong’s crazy ideas with a long run with a shallow drift line bordered by a barrier wall, into a standardish clipping point followed by a medium run with a tight left / right sequence that tested the braveness of even the most seasoned driver to keep the door to door happening all the way around.

Quite a few cars fell victim to the wall with rear ends flying off cars at a high rate. The biggest wall rider would have been Kelli Grey who managed to take the wall with her down the track as a passenger. Luckily for Kelli no major damage and it was in the practice sessions.
Mechanical issues hit a couple of the drivers with Chris Goode’s entry snapping a tie rod shank however he managed to make it back ready for the qualifying rounds eventually finishing 2nd overall and unfortunately for Adam Miles from Team FLAS, a gearbox issue ended his battle session early with a quick smooch of the wall too.

The battles for most part were so close, with the occasional floor wipe but respect was shown between a few of the drivers getting out of their cars, high fiving, shaking hands and hugging after some of the most epic battles seen to date in this championship setting the bar even higher for

The top 3 for this round were:




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