Drift School is in Session

Based in Perth, Western Australia since January 2016, Drift School WA has been taking potential drifters for hot laps and instructional sessions at Barbagallo Raceway, Western Australia in their fleet of specially modified drift cars.

The instructors, headed up by Ken Leong, at Drift School WA have combined experience of over 30 years, living and breathing the Japanese art of Drifting. They are also regular entrants in local drift events as well as international events.

Watching a recent Drift School WA day at Barbgallo Raceway, some of the participants progressed quite quickly under the knowledgeable tutelage of their instructors. One participant who kept stalling the car for the first few goes around the training layout was soon sliding the car around the layout with a huge grin coming out of the window and hopefully the drift bug has bitten hard so we’ll see him at one of the two drifting series in Western Australia soon.

James Russo taking passengers for laps

In addition to the instructional sessions, they also offer the chance for people to experience the thrill of drifting from the passenger seat of various drift cars which are driven by carefully selected volunteers who donate their time, tyres and fuel to give their passengers something they’ll remember and perhaps something they will want to explore more and step up to the instructional side of the day next time.

Watching the passengers approaching the cars the general look on their faces were ones of hesitation, excitement and the unknown all in one. By the end of their laps they all emerged with massive grins, fist pumping the air, throwing their hands up in excitement and one lady literally jumped for joy when she got out of the car.

And to prove that it isn’t just young males interested in drifting, there was a huge mix of ages and ladies jumping into the passenger seats with the ladies seeming to be enjoying it a whole lot more than the guys especially when the drivers would throw the car harder into the corner after their passengers were giving the thumbs up out of the car to their family and friends watching.

Watching this video from Drift School WA I can’t help but feel its time to jump in and have a different perspective of this amazing motorsport.