A Wet and Windy Speed Event Series

A wet and windy Sunday out at Barbagallo Raceway for the June edition of the Speed Event Series.

This event is a free event to attend for spectators and features cars from 1960s BMW 2002’s, a Pilbeam MP82, Westfield SEW, OMS CF10, Subaru Imprezas, Commodores and much more in this speed series which doesn’t necessarily feature racing as such, but racers will be racers when the opportunity presents itself.

I arrived shortly after 9am just as the first practice runs were underway and topped off for the usual coffee with egg & bacon roll before heading out to Turn 1 to start taking photos. The on and off again sprinkling of rain during the morning session made the session tricky with most drivers managing to keep it together and even those who managed to find themselves in a sideways situation managed to recover nicely without needing recovery vehicles.

Every visit I usually have a set of points and styles that I go to and use for all my shots .. They are turn 1 panning, turn 2 car close ups from ground level, the “esses” panning, “esses” over the crest close ups, turn 7 panning and close ups with some random shots thrown in. While heading up to the “esses” it starting to rain again after a brief period of sunshine, so while putting the rain jacket back on and covering the camera, I rested it against the fence. I had the camera’s LCD on and noticed a view of the track which I had never captured before. A section of the “esses” that made the track look wide and the cars small.

During the lunch break the skies opened and it rained fairly heavily, however it cleared up enough for the track to reopen as scheduled and it was off to near the crest of the hill leading down to Turn 7. This produced some great shots of the water spray being kicked up (see main photo) and was a great spot to sit back and watch for a while.

The last spot of the day was behind the pits over looking the south entrance to the pits. This enabled some shots of turn 7, cars entering the pits and some main straight action.

It would be lovely to see more people down and supporting this event as its a good start for many drivers into motorsport before stepping into racing!

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